wall mounted racks

Product Description
The WALL MOUNTED RACKS is a very versatile storage systems that is usually built in study rooms or bedrooms. Timely to setup but low cost and offer immerse flexibilty of usage.

It can be built with various tiers and several functional usages. Such as Study desk tier, files/books tiers/ boxes storage tiers/ drawers tiers / small panel shelf / clothings hanging tiers.

Entire wall (need to be measured) can be covered with different sections and build up widely. The wall mounting systems height can be up to 2400 - 3000mm max (recommended).

Shelf panels / Drawers or hanging rod can be added on as accessories easily once the systems is setup.

Wall mounted racks can only be wood deckings and drilling fixture onto the wall is required. Tiers/functional elements can be adjusted easily afterwards if need to.

Wall Mounted Shelving system is perfect solution for space constrainted area. With just a wall space, the systems can offer limitless ways of usage.

wall mounting rack wall mount rack

rack on wall

Section Available: 305mm / 460mm / 610mm
Height Available: 1840mm / 2160mm / 2460mm / up to 3000mm

Do contact us for site measurements and discussion.

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L-Shaped Shelving
L-shape Shelving (no center pole)

LShape Shelving

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